What is Anchor Text? Importance of Anchor Text

The web pages are increasing every minute at a very good rate. There are approximately 175 websites are coming into existence every minute. This means that the creation of websites is more than 252,000 per day. This makes it hard to keep track of which website has better information. Moreover, it creates doubt in websites that have even better services, better products, and good results. To solve this problem majority of websites mention a link in the text (keyword) which helps to learn about which website provides what? The text/keyword on which a link was mentioned is also called an anchor text.

What is Anchor Text?

The term \”Anchor\” is a tag of HTML code that was actually meant to refer to the other element. However, its presence turned the term \”Anchor Text\” into a hyperlink in HTML which helps to make regular text into clickable text which redirects the user from one page to another.

It is common in websites that when a webmaster adds an anchor text, that particular text is turned bold, changed in color, and underlined. That\’s how it is recognized and becomes accessible to the users to move from one page to another.

Importance of Anchor text

 The webmaster can use Anchor Text to link to the webpage of his or her own website as part of the SEO Checklist, or to another website for the purpose of proving the content or providing resources to the user.  

Usually, a webmaster adds the anchor texts in the webpage or web post to add the hyperlink of the other relevant page of the same or other websites. Anchor text helps to influence search engine ranking as well as build the result of the user. By adding the anchor text the webmaster gives proof that whatever the information is provided is well researched and has proof of it from other sources.


In this manner, the search engine is assured that the information provided in the content is legitimate and of value to its users. As the result, it helps to rank the content with proof. Moreover, the link that is posted at the trustworthy site also receives value, which results in the search engine ranking the site confidently that is linked on the very same keyword. 

Likewise, when the users find the correct information and proof of what is stated, it builds their trust in the site for any type of information, and also prefer the other relevant users, which results in an increase in traffic and build of trust.

Anchor text can be created in a variety of ways depending on the Text editor the user is using. Some of them are explained below:

How to Create an Anchor Text at Rich Text Editor?

 There are many text editors that allow you to add a link to a text with just one click. All that the user needs to do is highlight the text on which he or she intends to insert a hyperlink. It does not matter whether it is a single word, a phrase, or a complete paragraph; depending on the type of anchor text, the user will be able to select as much text as they wish to add the hyperlink. 

Once the user selects the text, there is an icon of a chain linking each other (🔗), and an entry box will appear in which the user will be able to add a link to which other users should be redirected.  

After Adding the link in the entry box, the text will be highlighted itself with an underline and an anchor text will be created.

 Additional editing of anchor text, such as opening the link in a new tab or making it no-follow, can be accomplished on CMS like WordPress which the user intends to use for publication of the content.

How to Create an Anchor Text at Code Text Editor?

Anchor Text is added with a tag in HTML format. To add a link to a text the user has to start with an anchor tag. The format of an anchor tag looks like this:

<a href = \"\"   target=\"_blank\" rel=\"\" > Clickable Text <a>

- href = \"Add URL On which the audience should redirect\" .
- target=\"_blank\" is used to open a webpage at another tab.
- rel=\"\" add attribute and define the relationship between linking and linked page.

Final Thoughts

 The importance of anchor text does not seem to be that great. As we look closely, it becomes apparent that adding a link to a keyword in the content is nearly impossible without an anchor text. Consequently, if the anchor text is not included in the link, the quality of the backlink can be compromised, which can result in ranking chances being low.

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